OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A terrifying and dangerous attack on an Oklahoma City road has led to a man facing charges for ramming into a woman’s car while waving a machete.

Police report Nicholas Casey rammed into the truck his ex-girlfriend was riding in about 9 times on May 29, creating danger not only for her and her male driver, but others on the road. They explained that he and the woman had recently ended their romantic relationship.

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Nicholas Casey

“He decided for whatever reason that it was a good idea to start ramming their car as they were driving down the roadway,” said Master Sgt. Gary Knight of the Oklahoma City Police Department. “The suspect was apparently very upset not only over the breakup but over the fact that this person is now out with somebody else.”

Police said Casey showed up to his ex’s job near Northwest 16th Street and Drexel Boulevard and started an argument with her and her male friend.

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The Valero where the incident occurred. Image KFOR

Casey is said to then have escalated matters by throwing hot grease on their pickup truck.

When the pair drove off in their vehicle, police said Casey chased them for about four miles as he rammed into them with his SUV multiple times.

“Apparently, while they’re driving down the roadway and he’s ramming them, he pulls out a machete and pulls up alongside them and starts hitting their windshield with it, causing damage to the windshield,” Knight said.

Casey continued to ram into the truck after it pulled into the Valero gas station on SW 15th Street and Portland Avenue. The ex and her friend found safety when they pulled up next to a police officer parked in the area of the gas station.

Casey was arrested, allegedly ramming into the pickup about nine times during the entire episode.

“Thankfully, nobody was injured in this because that could turn out to be a very tragic situation when you have two cars hitting each other like this going down the roadway,” Knight said. “They could even hit somebody else.”

Casey currently sits in the Oklahoma County Detention Center facing one charge of felony assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and two counts of domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.