OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma man faces sexual battery charges after being accused of inappropriately touching a Yoga instructor.

“We haven’t had any problems over seven years,” said Lisa Arthur, owner of Bikram Yoga. 

“This is certainly an unusual case,” said Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department. 

The incident allegedly unfolded inside the lobby just before a 9:30 a.m. session Monday between one of the instructors and Justin Massey.

“He came in and asked her a question about a certain posture, so she was going to demonstrate the posture to him,” said Arthur. “And when she got into the posture, that’s where he inappropriately touched her.” 

Mugshot of Justin Massey
Courtesy: Oklahoma County Detention Center

“It’s believed, or at least according to her, that it looked like he was trying to reach out and touch her genitalia,” said Knight. 

After the encounter with the Yoga instructor, Massey allegedly moved to a classroom and touched two other women inappropriately.

“I can’t imagine how you’d walk over to somebody on their mat and do that, but [it] just blows my mind,” said Arthur. 

The instructor asked two male students to escort Massey away from the property. Police were called after he left the building. 

“I’ve told the teachers if he even steps on the property to immediately call the police,” said Arthur.

Police then took Massey into custody.

Arthur told KFOR Bikram is a place for people of all shapes and sizes. She said her business takes pride in helping everyone, especially those suffering from mental health. That’s why she welcomed Massey.

“He had been coming in for over a year,” said Arthur. “Since the last month, we’ve had a few things [happened] were we worried about what was his mental state.”  

Massey faces a count of sexual battery.