OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – What appears to be a random, unprovoked knife attack in Southeast Oklahoma City has sent one man to the hospital. It happened near Sunnylane Road and Southeast 44th Saturday evening. The person is now locked up for the crime. 

The man allegedly approached a vehicle on the passenger’s side with a knife and began stabbing the man inside. 

“When you’re randomly attacked, you don’t realize it at first,” said Bryan Patterson, victim. 

Patterson says it all started when he and his mom were stopped at a red light with their windows down. That’s when the man started attacking him. 

“He just walked up and began attacking the driver and he was armed with a knife, was punching him. He was slashing and cutting his arm,” said Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. 

“I think he was trying to hit his chest and possibly his heart and it just didn’t work out like he wanted,” said Linda Patterson, Bryan’s mother and driver of the car. 

There were two cars in front of their pickup truck. Once Patterson was able to drive away, she pulled into an O’Reilly Auto Parts and had an employee call 911.  

“Within five or so minutes is when police, ambulance, fire, truck, all got there,” said Patterson. 

Patterson now has six stitches. 

“I was covered in blood… I think he was trying to hit my stomach, but he ended up hitting my arm right next to it,” said Patterson. 

The man accused of attacking him, Bennie Stocks, now sits in the Oklahoma County Detention Center. He faces charges including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and possession of a controlled substance.  

Police said they found him close to the scene when they got there.  

“He was taken into custody without incident. It’s unclear what motivated this attack. Obviously, there was something going on with the suspect,” said Knight. 

A man who saw the man earlier that day claims he seemed to have mental health issues. 

“I saw him walking down the street and cursing and he looked mental, you know, because he was cussing at cars. And then he’s walking around right here in the intersection,” said Kylle Snapp, bystander. 

An affidavit reveals officers searched Stocks and found 13 white pills in his pocket during his arrest.  

The family has pressed charges and Patterson will be getting his stitches out Monday.