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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A man allegedly escaped police custody, stole an ATV and led police on a wild chase Tuesday throughout north Oklahoma City, Edmond and into Logan County, all while handcuffed.

It was a wild ride into a mudslide and not something you see every day as the man pushed an ATV to the limit with a line of squad cars hot on his trail. Chopper 4 was high in the sky watching the situation play out. The man allegedly escaped custody of police when it all started. It also turns out that it wasn’t just police who were after him. There was another man chasing him on an ATV for a period of time too.

The other man on the ATV chased the suspect out of a wooded area near Britton Road and I-35.

“OK, they’re way on up,” said Chopper 4 pilot Mason Dunn as he spotted the chase. “I can tell you that this guy possibly has one handcuff on one of his hands. I believe they had him in custody at one time, he stole either this four-wheeler or another one, but has been driving all over the north side of the city right now.”

Speeds on the ATV reached up to 70 mph.

“One of the owners of the four-wheeler was chasing him on a four-wheeler and lost him,” Dunn said.

The suspect took advantage of the heavily wooded area. He eluded police and even the homeowner he allegedly stole the ATV from for nearly one hour.

“This guy has gone off into the woods several times and lost officers and then come back out on the street,” Dunn said.

The suspect eventually emerged and Chopper 4 spotted Edmond police chasing him all the way to Western Avenue and NW 178th Street.

“He’s moving guys,” Dunn said. “I’m doing 70 and he’s keeping up with me.”

The suspect made several turns onto dirt, gravel and paved roads. He zipped all the way up to Logan County.

“We have four or five officers following and they’re in squad cars,” Dunn said.

Eventually, the ATV wiped out in muddy water.

“Oh, nice, nice,” Dunn said describing police’s tactics to force him into the muddy water.

The soaked suspect staggered to his feet, before quickly lying face down and placed his cuffed hands over his head in surrender.

“You know, you and I talk quite a bit and we talk about what we’ve seen and what we haven’t, but that’s one thing I haven’t seen,” Dunn said while speaking to KFOR’s Kevin Ogle on the air.

We’re still waiting to hear who that man was and what kind of charges he’ll now face. Meanwhile, we tracked down and reached out to the homeowner, but he did not want to go on camera.