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BETHANY, Okla. (KFOR) – A 76-year-old Bethany woman’s home was targeted in a burglary, and the man caught is an area landscaper who saw an opportunity.

Rifles, jewelry and cash were stolen from Karen Boyd while she was out of town.

Now, she tells News 4 she is on high alert.

“I got me a butcher knife under my pillow,” Karen Boyd said. “If someone comes in this house now they will be stabbed no questions.”

It all started when the 76 year old went out of town.

Neighbors noticed she left her garage door wide open, but in an effort to help, they accidentally made it worse.

“The neighbor had Martin come and shut the garage door,” Boyd said.

Burglary charges were filed Wednesday in Oklahoma County against Martin Pesina Gonzales.

Gonzales is an area landscaper, and Karen’s neighbor asked him to help.

It was a simple favor that would cost Karen $7,000 in jewelry, including her late husband’s wedding ring, five rifles and two pistols.

“He’s a scum bag is exactly what he is,” Boyd said.

Turns out, Gonzales was picked up less than a half-mile away after a call about a man urinating and passed out in the laundry room at an apartment complex near NW 23rd and Rockwell.

Gonzales allegedly had “a large amount of jewelry next to him” with a charm engraved with the name “Karen”.

Bethany Police searched him and found even more stolen property.

But after being hauled off to jail, Gonzales made a phone call connecting him to Karen Boyd.

Investigators were listening in on Gonzales telling a woman to “get rid of the s*** because they will come after you.”

Police tracked down the woman and found more jewelry matching Karen’s report.

Detectives were able to recover about half of Boyd’s collection, but say the fine jewelry has already been sold while her seven firearms are nowhere to be found.

“That’s scaring me,” Boyd said. “That the rifles end up in the wrong hands and kill someone.”

It is still unclear if charges will be filed against the woman involved.