OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A suspect is facing felony eluding charges after leading Oklahoma City police on a chase through the metro in a peculiar vehicle of choice.

Around 1 a.m. Sunday, Norman Police canceled a chase with a U-Haul Box truck on I-235 around the I-40 junction. That’s when NPD alerted Oklahoma City police that the suspect, Damian Dean, was headed their way and was “armed, had fresh domestic-ADW charges in Norman and was threatening suicide by cop.”

Minutes later, OKCPD spotted the U-haul driving northbound on I-235. Officers got behind the box truck and turned on the lights and sirens. However, instead of pulling over, the 33-year-old suspect took off.

“A violent fleeing felon trying to run from police. That can be quite scary,” said Sgt. Dillon Quirk with the OKC Police Department.

Eventually, Dean took the NE 36th exit and stopped at a red light.

“The officer, safely from his vehicle, was having conversation with the suspect and attempting to get him out of the vehicle on his own accord, and come back and speak with officers,” said Quirk.

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The suspect fleeing a U-Haul truck. Image from OKCPD bodycam footage.

The exchange was recorded on police body cameras.

Officer: “Get out of the car!”

Dean: [Incoherent shouting]

Officer: “No, you’re not! Get out of the car, sir!”

Dean: “No, Sir!”[Incoherent]

Officer: “Come back here and talk to me!”

Dean: “I can’t!”

Officer: “I need you to talk to me!”

Dean: “I can’t, sir!”

Officer: “Listen bud, all you have to do is put it in park and come talk to me!”

Dean: “Sir, I can’t! Sorry!”

Officer: “I’m going to get you help!”

Dean: “I’m sorry!”

Officer: “But you need to talk to me so I can get you help!”

Dean: “But I can’t! I’m sorry! “

Officer: “We can talk to Norman in a minute! I’m here to help you!”

Dean: [Incoherent]

Dean then gunned the U-haul, then booked it through Northwest OKC, nearly crashing into other drivers.

“At some point, stop sticks were utilized on the vehicle,” said Quirk.

Dean eventually parked the vehicle at a home near Northwest 50th and Military Avenue and raced up to the home’s front porch. According to police reports, “The suspect was armed with a small silver knife and had it to his throat and was begging us to shoot him.”

“Get your hands up!” Officers can be heard yelling to the suspect.

Suddenly, the front door of the home opened and Dean “pushed himself into the residence.” Outside, chaos erupted.

Officers attempted multiple times to kick in the door before it’s eventually opened, with a chance to get to Dean. That’s when an officer fired his taser.

“At that point you have someone that’s running from police that has gone inside a home, unknown what’s going to happen once that door is closed. And so, officers wanted to take advantage of trying to get this suspect into custody as quickly as possible,” said Quirk.

Dean is now facing felony eluding charges.

Right now, it’s unclear if the suspect knows the resident and why Dean had a U-Haul in the first place.