OKLAHOMA COUNTY (KFOR) – A man was arrested and taken to jail after allegedly attacking another man in Oklahoma County on Wednesday.

Jason Spike, 49, was arrested on suspicion of assault and battery and destruction of property, according to Aaron Brilbeck, Public Information Officer for the Sheriff’s Office.

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A machete allegedly used in an attack in Oklahoma County. Image from Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office received an emergency call at around 6 p.m. from someone claiming to have been attacked with a bow and arrow, but the call became disconnected, according to Brilbeck.

The dispatcher called the number back, and this time learned the victim had actually been attacked with a machete.

Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to Dobbs Road, the area where the incident occurred. Luther, Jones and Harrah police also responded.

Spike fled into the woods, but later surrendered peacefully, according to Brilbeck.

Investigators learned that Spike got into a fight with his ex-girlfriend over a refrigerator. A man at the scene somehow became involved, and Spike attacked him with a machete, according to Brilbeck.

Spike also used the machete to break a car window, Brilbeck said.

The man Spike allegedly attacked refused medical treatment.