STILLWATER, Okla. (KFOR) – A Payne County man was arrested after accidentally sending his location to authorities after leading them on a pursuit earlier in the night. 

“He started out the evening running from deputies and ended up getting a ride voluntarily, if you will, by our deputies,” said Rockford Brown, the Public Information Officer for the Payne County Sheriff’s Office. 

Brown said the ordeal started just before midnight on Sunday, April 4 near Fairground Road and Highway 33 when a deputy tried to pull over a car, allegedly driven by Caleb Hart, for having an obstructed tag. However, Hart didn’t pull over and a pursuit began. 

“County, vehicle’s failing to yield,” said the officer in the body camera footage. 

According to Brown, at times the pursuit reached speeds between 80 and 90 miles an hour. The video shows that at one point, Hart actually hit the deputy pursuing him. 

“The suspect at one point took a dead end and at the end of the dead end he backed into the deputy’s vehicle, causing minimal damage to the deputy’s vehicle and no injury to the deputy himself,” said Brown. 

Shortly after, Hart nearly collided with a civilian’s car. 

Image courtesy Payne County Sheriff Office, Caleb Hart

Brown said eventually the Stillwater Police Department deployed stop sticks, which disabled one of Hart’s tires, but he kept driving. Because the deputy’s siren stopped working, he stopped the pursuit. 

After that, Brown said a lieutenant was able to find contact information for Hart. The lieutenant then texted Hart saying, “In Glencoe where u at ???” 

Hart then proceeded to send his location. 

“It would appear that he thought he was texting someone who was in drug court,” said Brown. “Of course, when he asked who it was, the lieutenant was smart enough not to identify himself as a law enforcement officer.”

Deputies then showed up to the location in an unmarked car. Hart was handcuffed and booked into jail. 

“It’s probably not the first time that a clever law enforcement officer has had this idea and it’s worked out, although it was definitely unique,” said Brown. 

According to the Oklahoma State Courts Network website, Hart is facing a long list of charges including driving with a suspended license, endangering others while eluding and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.