OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – It was scary moments as bullets flew into an Oklahoma City convenience store Tuesday night. KFOR is now hearing from two witnesses, including a bystander hit by gunfire.

Brandon McGraw said he was exiting the 7-Eleven at the corner of Hefner Road and North Western Avenue around 10:45 p.m. Tuesday.

“And as I was walking out the door, a guy walked in, brushed up against me purposefully and said, ‘Excuse you,’ and I looked at him. I said, ‘Well, excuse you.'”

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The scene of the shooting. Image KFOR

That exchange would tip off a frenzy of violence.

McGraw said after this quippy exchange, the stranger who bumped him got in his face.

Nervous, McGraw said he grabbed hold of his pocket knife and the man whipped out a gun, loudly threatening to shoot, which sent McGraw running inside the gas station to get help from the clerks.

“I started screaming at them, ‘Why the heck aren’t you calling the cops? This guy’s got a gun.’ PAP! PAP! PAP! That’s when it went off,” McGraw recalled.

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Gretchen Hash showing her gunshot wound. Image KFOR

While the string of bullets shot from outside through the front glass of the store missed McGraw, one of them hit bystander Gretchen Hash who was shopping in the candy aisle.

“All I seen was POW! POW! POW! and a bullet coming at me. It ricocheted and hit my arm,” Hash told KFOR. “When it hit me, I thought he was going to shoot again. So, that’s when I dove.”

She said she had heard and seen some of the encounter unfolding, but didn’t realize it would escalate to violence, and that she’d end up hiding on the floor.

“It hurt. It really hurt,” she said of her gunshot wound. “I’m afraid to go to stores anymore, even walk by myself.”

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Lindell Barkus

Oklahoma City police said the alleged gunman, Lindell Barkus, quickly jumped in a car with a woman and fled the scene after firing the shots, but they’d find the vehicle at an apartment complex one minute away. Interrogating the woman would lead them to Barkus, who was arrested that night.

“It’s insanity,” said McGraw in reflection. “There’s really no words to describe it at all.”

Police said Barkus is currently in the Oklahoma County Detention Center on a complaint of assault with a deadly weapon.