HARRAH, Okla. (KFOR) – The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation says a missing man case has turned into a murder investigation.

“As soon as the Harrah Police Department requested the OSBI to look for this person, we were able to find him less than 24 hours,” said Hunter McKee, the spokesman for the OSBI.

Court documents show 59-year-old Terry Len Hause was last seen with his cousin, Chuck Dean White II, and two other family members in a Harrah apartment near NE 10th and Harrah Road.

Terry Len Hause, Courtesy of OSBI

According to court documents, Hause and White were “constantly fighting,” so much so that Hause carried a 10-12 inch knife, including the handle, on him.

Documents show on October 19, a cousin came home to “a puddle of blood in the floor near the recliner in the living room,” and then “noticed blood in the recliner.”

When the cousin asked her nephew, White, what happened he “made a comment to the effect of ‘The problem is gone,’ or ‘My problem is gone.'”

Chuck Dean White.
Chuck Dean White II. Image courtesy Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation

On October 20, White’s uncle told investigators White showed up to his Choctaw home and “placed items in a burn barrel and set fire to the items.” Agents finding “a burnt knife, shovel, and material.”

Harrah Police said they also received another tip.

“Saying that an Okfuskee county deputy/pastor in the area had called and reported the homicide,” said Chief Marty Burns, with the Harrah Police Department.

On October 21, agents said cell phone records led them to a dead-end road on E. Kickapoo Valley Road in McLoud and found the missing man. Investigators said Hause had “multiple lacerations to the head and face, and had one laceration to the hand.”

“Obviously, he was found dead which is very sad,” said McKee.

Back at the apartment, investigators said they found “knife marks and a possible bone fragment in the recliner.” They also noted someone tried to clean the blood.

Later that day, Spencer police spotted White’s truck. He was later arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail.

While talking to investigators, White told a different story. White said he confronted Hause about an alleged molestation. That confrontation turned into a fight with White hitting Hause in the face with a baseball bat.

The OSBI said they are still investigating and welcome tips from the public.

Anyone with information on this case can contact investigators at tips@osbi.ok.gov.