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EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – A man is facing felony animal abuse charges after Edmond police caught him on camera grabbing a puppy around its neck and throwing it 30 feet into the air. 

Twenty-eight-year-old Ryan Adams sits in jail while Chrystal Bolling and Jeremiah Cook are longing for their dog to survive. 

“She makes me so happy,” Chrystal Bolling said. “I want her to come home.” 

Chrystal Bolling says she can barely keep it together as her best friend clings to life. Little Foot, a six-month-old longhaired Chihuahua, is now suffering from permanent brain damage. 

“They told me a neighbor had called in saying they knew who did it,” Bolling said. 

“Edmond 911, what is your emergency?” 911 dispatch said. 

“I heard some yelping, and then I saw this little puppy flying through the air like 30 feet in the air and then it came down,” the caller said. 

Edmond Police say Ryan Adams was caught on a neighbor’s camera with a tight grip around Little Foot’s neck, chucking the pup to the sky. 

Ten minutes later, the 28-year-old is accused of trotting out, picking her up and running back inside. 

“I actually thanked him,” Bolling said. “I was like you saved the day. You found her! You found her! I even said that to him.”

Adams was over to visit one of Bolling’s roommates. He claimed he saw a cat attack Little Foot and then offered to rush her to the vet himself. 

However, Bolling’s boyfriend, Jeremiah, was already suspicious. Jeremiah tells KFOR he didn’t see any bite marks on Little Foot, and Adams asked him if their cameras were working. 

The couple’s cameras weren’t working, but it turns out their neighbor’s cameras were rolling. 

Edmond Police showed up to the Animal Hospital and told Adams to get out of his car. 

“The vet just told us it’s head trauma, and there’s no way it was an animal attack,” the officer said. 

“I know, but I found her,” Adams said. 

“We have more than one witness calling us and reporting they saw a white male with your clothing throw this dog in the air and let it hit the ground,” the officer said. “So if you want to start being truthful with us that would be great because we are running out of patience.”

Adams was arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County Detention Center. He faces a felony animal abuse charge. 

“He’s narcissistic and I think he did it to play hero,” Bolling said. 

It’s unclear when and if Little Foot would be released from Animal Welfare. Officials tell KFOR the dog is part of the investigation.