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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – State officials are preparing for the second execution of 2022 in Oklahoma.

Gilbert Postelle, 35, admitted he was involved in the shooting deaths of four people at a mobile home park back in 2005.

James Alderson, Terry Smith, Donnie Swindle and Amy Wright were apparently targeted because Postelle believed they were responsible for a motorcycle accident that injured his dad.

Postelle victims

“Was the four-minute killing spree worth what you are paying for now?” said Mary Jo Swindle.

Officials say Postelle fired 56 rounds into the home of Donnie Swindle on Memorial Day in 2005.

“When Gilbert Postelle got in the getaway vehicle, he later boasted ‘that b—h almost got away,’” prosecutors argued.

Postelle’s attorney argued that neglect from his childhood and his drug addiction played a role in the crime.

“When the terrible crime was over, Gil’s dad said, ‘That’s my boys.’ He was proud of him,” said attorney Bob Nance.

When Postelle went before the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board, he said that he still believed the victims were responsible for his father’s motorcycle accident.

Postelle went on to say his dad was everything to him and he had no reason to believe he was lying about who was responsible for the crash.

Postelle’s execution is set for Thursday, Feb. 17.