McCLAIN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A McClain County man has been sentenced for his role in the 2018 killing of a pregnant mother of two.

Joshua Finkbeiner was convicted March 6 of two counts of first-degree murder for the death of Shaliyah Toombs, 23, and her unborn child. 

Today, Finkbeiner was sentenced to life without parole for both counts.

Prosecutors were seeking the death penalty for Finkbeiner.

“I’m not happy but I’m satisfied,” Twyla Taylor, Toombs’ mother, told KFOR.

Prosecutors said in 2018, Finkbeiner and his girlfriend, Stacy Harjo, believed Toombs stole Finkbeiner’s work backpack full of tools.

The couple then went over to Toombs’ OKC apartment and held her at gunpoint to go searching for the bag. The man hanging out with Toombs, Daniel Vasquez, also went.

Prosecutors said it was Harjo, an alleged drug dealer, who told Finkbeiner to strangle Toombs. They said Toombs “fought and clawed and begged” while screaming “Please don’t” and “I’m sorry, Josh.”

After multiple tries, Finkbeiner stopped choking Toombs.

Prosecutors and investigators say Harjo then told Vasquez to finish the job.

Days later, Vasquez was found with her body in Goldsby and the couple was found in Arkansas.

Daniel Vasquez, Joshua Finkbeiner and Stacy Harjo
Daniel Vasquez, Joshua Finkbeiner and Stacy Harjo

In 2021, Vasquez was convicted on two counts of first degree murder for his role in the murders and was sentenced to death.

Harjo has not yet been to trial.