OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – One man was killed in northwest Oklahoma City Wednesday evening after being hit by a vehicle. The Oklahoma City Police Department said they are still gathering information after the driver fled on foot.

“On the surface, it appears that this is an accident of some type.” said Sgt. Dillon Quirk with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Quirk said they are still trying to piece the puzzle together Thursday after a deadly hit and run auto pedestrian incident Wednesday evening.

Officers were called to the area near the John Kilpatrick Turnpike and N. Pennsylvania Avenue just after 5 o’clock. After arriving on scene, they learned one person was run over and killed at this construction site and the driver ran away on foot.

Since then, police have arrested Luis Alonso Hernandez Perez regarding the incident.

According to Sgt. Quirk, Perez visited a briefing station on Thursday to speak with investigators regarding the incident. He was then arrested and booked into jail on a complaint of leaving the scene of a fatality accident.

It was also known that both people knew each other and worked on the construction site together. Quirk said investigators have gotten some surveillance video to see the collision. The investigation is still ongoing.

“Again, from the surface, this appears to be a tragic accident,” Quirk said.

Authorities said they don’t know if the vehicle in question was a personal or company vehicle. Quirk said it appeared to happen after their shifts were over at work. He also said multiple people were on scene when it took place.