STROUD, Okla. (KFOR) – An attempted traffic stop for speeding turned into a man’s wild run from the law in Stroud. 

“These are always very dangerous situations,” said Clint Gaylord, Stroud’s Police Chief. 

The incident happened on March 6, according to court records. 

Chief Gaylord told KFOR it started when an officer noticed a car, driven by Dustin Secrest, allegedly going 20 miles per hour faster than the posted speed limit. 

“He activated his lights and a siren,” said Gaylord. “He noticed that the vehicle started to accelerate, and the vehicle was trying to elude him and began running over 110 miles per hour… The vehicle actually passed another vehicle warning on a curve, which is very dangerous, you know, could have caused a head on collision.”

Gaylord said Secrest may have also tossed weapons out of the car’s window during the 5-mile chase. 

“We ended up recovering three separate firearms that we believe were thrown from the vehicle during the pursuit,” said Gaylord. 

Court records show that eventually Secrest suddenly pulled over, got out of the car and “asked why he was being stopped.” 

“He was not compliant and acted like he did not know why he was being pulled over,” said Gaylord. 

Eventually, Secrest was handcuffed. Inside the car, police found a passenger, Dustin Harp, who court records say had a felony warrant out for his arrest. 

Photo courtesy of Stroud Police Department, Dustin Secrest

Meth, pipes for smoking it, and ammunition were also found in the car, according to the court documents.

“Their criminal history is over 30 pages long,” said Gaylord. “Obviously, they haven’t learned their lesson.”

Photo courtesy of Stroud Police Department, Dustin Harp

Police say Secrest bonded out of jail. Harp is currently in the Muskogee County Jail, where he was wanted on that warrant.