OKARCHE, Okla. (KFOR) – An officer with the Okarche Police Department revived a man who they believe was lifeless for about six minutes, after overdosing on fentanyl. 

“I’ve been doing this long, nearly three decades and to me, it almost seemed like it was just hopeless for this guy,” said Okarche Police Chief Forrest Smith. 

Just before noon, officers were called to a potential overdose. At the scene, they found a man frantically performing CPR on his lifeless friend in the driveway. 

The friend informed police that the man had consumed fentanyl. 

“He was blue,” said Chief Smith. “No signs of life. His face, his lips, his arms. I mean, it definitely looked like a deceased individual.”

Thinking quickly, Officer Chris Sadler ran to his patrol car and grabbed Narcan. 

“Once that medicine is administered, it binds to the opioids inside the person and it flushes it from their system,” explained Sadler. 

After spraying the first bottle of the medicine up the man’s nose, nothing happened. However, about thirty seconds after the second Narcan dose, the man came back to life.

“Miraculously, he wakes up and he’s talking to us,” said Sadler. 

Believe it or not, Chief Smith said the man actually wanted to go back to work. Instead, he was taken to an Oklahoma City Hospital. 

“We checked on him later that night around 9:00, 10:00 that night and he was doing great,” said Chief Smith. “They were looking at discharging that night.”

Police recovered two bags of Fentanyl from the ordeal, which they say is still an ongoing investigation. 

The man whose life was saved is not facing any charges, according to Smith. He says they are looking into helping him get treatment.