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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Two weeks after emergency crews rescued a man trapped inside of a working garbage truck, he is out of the hospital and speaking about his experience for the first time.

Marcus Long was almost immediately brought to tears as he reflected on the ordeal.

“Did I do something wrong to deserve it? No,” he said Tuesday. “Did I make a bad mistake by getting in there, yeah. Is it my fault? Yeah.”

Hard questions and self-criticism remembering how he ended up in the traumatic accident he knows could have killed him.

On a cold, windy night in May, he took shelter from the weather in a nearby dumpster near the corner of Reno and Macarthur.

“I looked around and I go, alright well I’m freezing,” Long said.

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Marcus Long

He woke up with a shock as the claws of a dump truck slammed into the container.

“I tried to crawl out the top and I was yelling for my life. Stop! Stop!” but his pleas for help went unheard under the loud din of the truck.

Moments later, he was dumped headlong into the truck, left injured and unable to escape.

“I stand up and I’m literally trying to crawl out of his truck and I jump in, it’s convex. It’s like American Ninja,” Long said.

It was then he said the compactor knocked him out cold.

“The last thing I said was, ‘God, let thy will be done,’” Long said. “I was crushed and I went out. I don’t remember a thing.”

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Emergency crews rescuing Marcus Long from a garbage truck.

Long said he wasn’t conscious when the truck’s driver spotted a body in the surveillance footage from inside the truck.

Fire crews pulled Long out and loaded him onto a stretcher.

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He woke up to doctors explaining he suffered four broken ribs, a punctured lung, destroyed scapula and numerous other injuries he must now contend with, a long road to recovery.

“I might be put in a situation where I’m homeless, you know, for a minute, but don’t look at me like I’m one,” Long said, holding tight to his faith. “I know I walk with God and He walks with me because that should have by rights ended my life. I don’t see many people walking away from that.”