OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City man is searching for the person who allegedly stole his therapy bike from a local gas station.

At age 65, Russell Dewberry stays true to his roots. He has an old-school style but is still young at heart.

“I love cowboy style. Love the dress [in this] fashion,” said Dewberry.

Outside of fashion, Dewberry is taking his health seriously and added biking to his daily routine.

“Biking is my favorite,” said Dewberry. “I like to do that with my son and some of my friends around here.”

Sadly, those bike rides with his son are on pause. Dewberry told KFOR someone stole the bike he recently purchased.

Dewberry said he stopped at this 7-11 in southwest Oklahoma City. That’s when the alleged thief kept asking for his phone, but he refused. 

“He walked off, and I thought he was gone,” said Dewberry. “He followed me; I guess, when I went over to the other store, to the market across the street.”     

Dewberry said he was talking to a store clerk at a different location while keeping an eye on his bike.

“He was beside the building and popped up like a jack in the box,” said Dewberry. “Then suddenly, he got on, and it took off.” 

Dewberry ran after him but couldn’t keep up.  Now, he’s not giving up. He’s sharing his story, hoping someone will help him find his only ride around the city.

“To mess with a 65-year-old man and take his therapy bike,” said Dewberry. “Something is really wrong with you.” 

Dewberry has filed a police report. He said the suspect was white with tattoos and a long beard.

Dewberry’s bike is a Huffy with black and gray pinstripes.