OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – One Oklahoma City man has a warning for anyone looking for a job on Facebook Marketplace: don’t do it!

Christopher Grant says he was looking for work on Facebook Marketplace when he came across an ad for PR work he could do from home.

After years living on the street, he thought things were finally looking up.

“I wanted to get me and my dog off the street because we was tired of it and I wanted to prove to my family that I could actually make something of myself,” he said.

He said he tried cashing the first paycheck for $2,263.76 at a Feria Latina supermarket, but the check was bogus.

“[I] had that check. I thought it was good and I was going to do good things with it,” he added, saying the store called the police and he was arrested.

“It turned out to be a scam. And I didn’t find out until it was the last minute and it was too late,” he said.

Christopher was charged with two felonies related to check fraud, including “possession of forged notes” and “publishing counterfeit instrument(s).”

Months later, Christopher said if it wasn’t for the help of a public defender and cash bail assistance from The Bail Project, he might still be behind bars.

“It provides free bail assistance and pre-trial support for thousands of low income people every single year,” said The Bail Project’s Cameron Pipe in an August interview with the station.

Christopher says he’s innocent but the real perpetrator is getting away with the crime.

“That person’s getting to walk away free while I’m being punished for something,” said Christopher.

“I’m 27 and [I’m about] to have two felonies. And a felony will ruin your life for good. And for a simple mistake,” he said.

Fake job scams on Facebook and other social media sites are becoming more common; here are some tips to help a search on Facebook.