OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A man connected to an Oklahoma cold case murder has now been taken into custody.

In September of 2017, Wilson Perez’s family became concerned about him after he didn’t come home.

They began searching for the 19-year-old and discovered his body in Harlow Park, located near N.W. 19th and Ann Arbor Place.

“He had multiple bruises, like on his face. I mean, he had like bruising around the neck,” said Carrie Zander, Perez’s aunt.

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Wilson Perez. Photo provided by Carrie Zander.

Perez’s family waited for months, but no arrests were made in his case.

Recently, investigators received a letter from one of Perez’s friends, claiming that 22-year-old Bryan Trochez-Giminez confessed to killing him.

According to the documents, Trochez and Perez were both involved with the same girl and Trochez was “jealous of the female being more interested in the victim.” About a week before the murder, Trochez allegedly told the friend he wanted to kill Perez, saying, “I am going to kill him, he deserves to be dead.”

The friend said Trochez told him he used a girl to lure Perez to the park. However, when Perez arrived, Trochez beat and strangled him.

“He was young, he was 19. He didn’t deserve to die,” said Zander. “Whether it was for a girl or for a car, for money, he didn’t deserve to die that way. Nobody does.”

On Tuesday morning, officials with the US Marshals Service arrested Bryan Trochez-Giminez in Porter, Texas.

Bryan Trochez-Giminez
Bryan Trochez-Giminez Credit: US Marshals Service