OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — One Oklahoma City resident is confused and worried after receiving some unexpected mail in the last month. He has been getting other people’s credit cards mailed to him, and thinks they might have been stolen.

Dan Richardson has been receiving mail that doesn’t have his name or anyone he knows on the cards. It’s happened twice in the past month and he is now worried and wants it to stop.

“I tried to call the police and the postal inspectors and they weren’t any help, so I just kind of let it sit beside the desk,” Richardson said.

Dan has been calling for help and looking for answers, trying to find out why he started receiving credit cards with other peoples names on it through the mail.

“I was watching Channel 4 and saw an In Your Corner commercial,” Richardson said. “I said, that’s a perfect person to call because nobody cares except Channel 4.”

He is worried that these are stolen credit cards being sent to him.

“One was a MasterCard, and the other was a Visa,” Richardson said. “One name to a Melody something, and the other to a William something. You know, you hear so much about identity theft and fraud and stuff, so I didn’t want it to happen.”

We spoke with Oklahoma City Police who say they do not have a comment as of right now because a police report has not been filed. However, they did tell News 4 that this isn’t the first time they have heard something like this happen, and that it could be part of a scam to try and get their information. Regardless of why it’s been happening, Dan just wants it to end.

“I just want it to stop and find out how they got my name and number, and just stop,” Richardson said.