OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – College football fans might be feeling sick to their stomachs this week as name after name enters the college transfer portal. One of the latest high-profile entries was Oklahoma State star quarterback Spencer Sanders.

Sanders made his entry announcement Monday. By the KFOR sports department count, he’s one of 12 players so far this cycle, which runs from Dec. 5 through Jan. 18. Other entries include starting running back Dominic Richardson, starting linebacker and lead tackler Mason Cobb, and key defensive playmakers Trace Ford and Thomas Harper.

“It’s not unique to Oklahoma State,” said college football expert and CEO of LEAD1 Association Tom McMillen. “It’s happening all over the country. Kids are looking for the bigger and better deal.”

The transfer portal is hotter than ever right now, giving players full freedom to explore their options since 2018. McMillen said that along with changes in name, image, likeness policies, it has made coaching more chaotic than ever.

“It has created really a bidding war for talent,” he said. “Because this year you’re having 771 at this point transferring. Next year you could have several thousand transferring and that’s just going to really upset rosters.”

He explained that recruiting never ends for coaches now because of the constant possibility of players joining the portal.

“The winners in this game are the ones that can assemble all these collectives and these NIL resources that create magnets for kids to come to your school,” he said. “So, it puts a lot of pressure on coaches because their recruiting never stops. They recruit a young athlete when he’s in high school, he comes to school, and they have to keep recruiting him all the time during his tenure or they may leave.”

This is his outlook and advice for OSU fans.

“Well, the story’s not over until you see what players Oklahoma State gets through the transfer portal,” he said. “Who goes to Oklahoma State? The other side of this story has not been written yet. So just hope that the school can be successful in attracting some great players.”

KFOR reached out to OSU Athletics for reaction to all the players entering the transfer portal and a spokesman said they have no official comment at this time.