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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – As city leaders in Oklahoma City prepare for the end of a mask mandate, officials at Will Rogers World Airport say travelers still need to wear a mask on their property.

Even though the mask ordinance expires at 12 a.m. on April 30, city leaders warned there would still be places where masks are required.

“We’re just reminding everyone that they still need to wear a mask in places where they’re required, or choose to go somewhere else,” said City Manager Craig Freeman. “There will be places to shop and gather that require masks, and places that don’t. We’re hopefully on the exit ramp for this pandemic. It’s more important than ever to show each other respect and grace as we navigate the spring and summer.”

Officials at Will Rogers World Airport say masks will still be required for travelers at the airport.

The Transportation Security Administration issued a security directive in February that requires masks be worn while in and on airport property, on commercial aircraft, and in various modes of surface transportation.

Public health officials still recommend wearing masks in situations where it’s difficult to stay six feet apart from people outside your household.

People who are lawfully asked to leave private or public spaces, but refuse, are subject to citation and arrest for trespassing.