STILLWATER, Okla. (KFOR) – The Stillwater Chamber of Commerce and the Tonkawa Tribe have partnered to develop a new 60,000 square foot family entertainment center called the Hub in Stillwater. 

The Hub will be located in Northeast Stillwater on North Perkins Road and East Airport Road. It will feature bowling lanes, four movie theaters, arcade games, pickle ball courts, meeting rooms, a sports bar and of course a food venue. 

“I’m excited because we’ve got so many pickleball that we need another place to play,” said Connie Burd, Stillwater resident. 

Stillwater resident, Connie Burd, said the limited pickleball courts in the city haven’t been able to keep up with the sport’s rise in popularity.  

“The population has grown so much, this is a going to accommodate them. We have three courts, and we have 12 people playing, and then we’ve got about 12 or 16 people sitting out waiting to play. So, with these other courts that they’re building out there at the Hub it is fabulous,” said Burd.  

The pickleball courts are just one feature of the hub. Families will also be able to enjoy a night out with 16 bowling lanes and 80 arcade games. 

The project will be a team effort funded by the Tonkawa Tribe and the city of Stillwater.  

“We have a really, really heavy family and children presence in our community and so I think having something that adults can come and have a great time, but also families can come and have a great time all under one roof is super exciting,” said Reagan Mitchell, Economic Development Coordinator at Stillwater Chamber of Commerce.  

The entertainment center is also bringing in full and part time jobs to the city. 

“The numbers I heard was 20 full time jobs for the hub and many part time jobs as well… To be able to go work in the hub would be a really cool place to work. So, I think it’s going to be great for our community on many levels,” said Brady Moore, interim City Manager for the City of Stillwater.  
This will be the second HUB location. There’s a smaller one located in Tonkawa. 

In a statement to News 4 the President of the Tonkawa Tribe of Oklahoma Russell Martin said quote, “The Tonkawa Tribe of Oklahoma is grateful to officially announce its presence in the Stillwater Community with the coming construction of the second HUB location. Our relationship with the Chamber of Commerce and City of Stillwater staff, as well as other community members involved later in the courting process, gave us the utmost confidence in the Stillwater community as the best fit for our second HUB concept. This partnership, fostered by relationships and deep mutual respect, will continue to be mutually beneficial for all parties. We look forward to continued work with the Chamber and City team and look forward to the positive impacts made by our added presence in the community of Stillwater.” 

“I know that there’s a lot of people that are just really clapping their hands about this whole endeavor,” said Burd.  

Developers plan to break ground within the next couple of months and expect the project to take 12 to 18 months to complete.