WASHINGTON D.C. (KFOR) – Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt attended a meeting at the White House on Thursday to share his own perspective regarding how Americans treat one another.

Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt at the White House. Image courtesy Mayor David Holt.

“Today, I’m at the White House to talk about the way we treat each other as Americans, and as humans. The United We Stand Summit brings together bipartisan thought leaders from around the country, faith leaders, community leaders and people touched by hate-fueled violence.” Mayor Holt said in a Facebook post.

Mayor Holt is there representing American mayors and delivering a new United States Conference of Mayors compact signed by 148 bipartisan mayors. According to the Facebook post, the compact is against hatred and extremism.

“I am also here as the mayor of a city with a scar in its downtown that serves as a reminder of what happens when we follow hate and dehumanization to its natural conclusion. I will have the opportunity this afternoon in the East Room to share our mayoral compact and my perspectives.” said Mayor Holt.

In his Facebook post, Mayor Holt mentions the Oklahoma City Memorial & Museum and how as a city, Oklahoma City is having ‘better conversations’ regarding how we treat one another.

“I thank the President and Vice President for convening us, and I commend the many bipartisan community leaders who are represented here today. Sometimes it takes courage to assert our shared humanity and to meet hate with love, but we each have an obligation to do our part.”

Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt