MAYSVILLE, Okla. (KFOR) — Residents in Maysville said their water is still discolored and smelly as they wait for the city to fix the issue.

People who live there said their water looks clear, but turns a darker brown the more that comes out. They said it’s been weeks since the city said they were waiting on a part to fix the problem.

“I am miserable. This this summer has been the most miserable summer ever,” said Diana Tarrant, a resident.

Residents are still waiting for the water issue to be fixed and still living under a boil advisory.

They said it still runs brown after being promised a solution was coming.

“Some say it smells like sewer, sewer and chemicals. It’s just hard to describe what it actually smells like,” added Tarrant.

The wait forcing business owners to go the extra mile.

“We’ve bought bottled water from day one to serve the customers and but now we’re having to buy jugs,” said Amber Wigley, Owner of Rassy’s Diner. “Every day, 10 to 12 jugs every morning just for tea, gravy, lemonade.”

The community coming together to ensure others have clean water.

“You see so many people out hauling water to the people that can’t get out and get it,” said Tamara Tadlock, works at Rassy’s Diner.

The city is also getting emergency help by connecting to the Garvin County Rural Water District.

Officials are hopeful this will fix the issues once and for all.

“This connection will then allow the city of Maysville to shut down the clarifier and the filters to begin making the necessary upgrade,” said Erin Hatfield with the Department of Environmental Quality.

The Maysville vice mayor didn’t want to do an interview or give us a timeline on repairs.