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SIMOJOVEL, Chiapas, Mex. (KFOR) – The McClain County Sheriff’s Office says a mother of three last seen Nov. 5, 2021, has been safely returned to the U.S. following a rescue by the Mexican Anti-Kidnapping Unit.

Tallen Treto-Padilla was last seen in early November 2021 leaving her job at Wayne Public Schools.

Detectives believed Treto-Padilla was with her boyfriend, Francisco Jabier Velasquez, aka Mike “Paco” Mendoza, who’s wanted for a 2018 Texas murder at a San Antonio Taqueria.

photo of Francisco Jabier Velasquez and Tallen Treto-Padilla
Francisco Jabier Velasquez and Tallen Treto-Padilla

“The [victim] came up and punched [Velasquez], so [Valasquez] pulled out a gun and shot him, killed him,” said Detective Bryan Murrell, with the McClain County Sheriff’s Office. “He was initially arrested; [he] posted bail, and was supposed to stand trial this August of this year, then he skipped trial.”

The investigation indicated that Treto-Padilla and Velasquez crossed the border through McAllen, Texas into Mexico in November.

Investigators believe that Treto-Padilla went with Velasquez voluntarily, but was kidnapped at some point after crossing the border.

Officials say Treto-Padilla was able to learn of the investigation into her whereabouts in early March.

She was then able to communicate with Detectives, using a Wi-Fi only device.

Treto-Padilla told investigators she was kidnapped while in Mexico and currently being held against her will.

Detectives were able to identify her location and the identity of her captor.

Through assistance from the U.S. Embassy and Federal Bureau of Investigation in Mexico City as well as
assistance from the Mexican Anti-Kidnapping Unit in Chiapas, Mexico, a rescue mission plan was developed.

On April 6, members of the Anti-Kidnapping Unit rescued the mother of three from Simojovel, Chiapas, Mexico.

The Anti-Kidnapping Unit also took her captor into custody on un-related charges, and he is currently awaiting Extradition to the United States. Authorities expect him to accrue more charges.

Officials say Tallen Treto-Padilla has been returned safely to the United States.

McClain County officials tell KFOR Valasquez was arrested in Mexico on Thursday, April 8.

Mugshot of Francisco Valasquez
Francisco Velasquez at Bexar County, Texas jail, courtesy the McClain County Sheriff’s Office

On April 11, he was extradited to the US, arrested and booked into the Bexar County Jail in Texas with a $1 million bond.