MCLOUD, Okla. (KFOR) – A family in McLoud spent Monday picking up the pieces of their home after a tornado ripped through the night before. 

“We’re shocked,” said Lyndsi Holliday, the homeowner. “We just thought that it was just loud, but we didn’t expect the house to be pretty much gone.”

Holliday said she and her husband Chad were watching KFOR on Sunday night, when they realized they, along with their five kids, needed to immediately get in their storm shelter.

 “We ran down there,” said Chad. “I heard Mike Morgan say all night, these storms are moving so fast… Mike Morgan, he’s our guy, our app was going off and I mean it was precisely giving us great time and data.”

The family of seven rode the storm out in their shelter in their equipment shop. They told KFOR once the storm passed, they had a hard time getting out because the shop’s roof and everything inside was piled on top of the shelter’s door. 

Once they finally crawled their way out, they couldn’t believe the destruction that tore through their home of 14 years. 

“For it to be gone in the span of, like, 10 seconds. It’s pretty crazy,” said Stonie Holliday, one of the couple’s sons. 

The backside of the Holliday’s roof is destroyed, the home has severe water damage, and their equipment shop was obliterated. 

“This is going to be a long [clean up] process,” said Chad. 

The Holliday’s say they have family close by that they can stay with for now as they try to figure out their future plans. 

Per the Oklahoma Standard, they know they won’t be tackling all of the damage alone. 

“We had people already out here before we even got here this morning, you know, to help clean it up, taking off work, you know. So, yeah, that’s just what we do here,” said Chad. 

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help the Holliday’s get back on their feet. The link can be found here.