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OKLAHOMA COUNTY (KFOR) – The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner changed the manner of death of a Deer Creek teen from “accident” to “pending” as Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office investigators probe the circumstances of his death at a local residence.

Oluwatoyin Adewole Amuda, 18, was pronounced dead at a home in the 21600 block of Villagio Drive during the early morning hours of Wednesday, June 16, according to a Sheriff’s Office incident report.

The medical examiner’s report previously stated that the manner of Amuda’s death was an “accident.” But that has since changed.

“The cause of death is listed as ‘drowning’ and the manner is now listed as ‘pending’.  The manner was originally listed as ‘accident’,  however, our physician has changed the manner to ‘pending’ until the case is finalized,” Kari Learned, Division Manager for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, said in an email to KFOR.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call at 2:28 a.m. on June 16 about an 18-year-old male found unresponsive in the swimming pool of a residence.

A Sheriff’s Office incident report states that deputies arrived at the home and found Deer Creek firefighters administering CPR to Amuda. EMSA later arrived and assisted firefighters in attempting to revive Amuda. They pronounced him dead at 3:11 a.m.

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Oluwatoyin Adewole Amuda. Photo provided to KFOR by Amuda’s family.

The homeowner told Lt. W. Fretz, a Sheriff’s Office official, that he was in bed when his daughter came in and told him that a boy was in the pool. He said he went outside and found that individuals at the home – the ages of whom were not provided – pulled the victim out of the water and laid him on the deck next to the deep end of the pool.

The homeowner said he performed CPR on the victim until Deer Creek firefighters arrived and took over.

Fretz asked the homeowner about whether alcohol was consumed.

“I asked [him] if anyone here was drinking and if there was any alcohol here and he stated not to his knowledge,” Fretz said in the police report.

The homeowner told Fretz the house is equipped with cameras, but that the cameras had not worked in about two years.

Fretz said he walked around the backyard and found two empty beer cans on the hot tub, a small plastic empty vodka bottle and an empty Jell-O package on the ground next to the patio kitchen.

He said he also found at least three areas around the pool where it appeared someone had vomited.

“One spot was red, one spot was green and one spot was yellow due to what flavor the jello (sic) was,” Fretz said.

Investigators also located two garbage receptacles in the home’s driveway, filled with empty beer cans and assorted liquor bottles.

Aaron Brillbeck, public information officer for the Sheriff’s Office, said the circumstances of the night Amuda died are under investigation.

“We’re investigating all aspects of it,” Brillbeck said. “We’re waiting on toxicology to come back.”

Investigators are looking into whether foul play could have led to Amuda’s death.

“At this point we don’t know. The investigation is still ongoing; we’re looking into that, but at this point, we simply don’t know,” Brillbeck said.

Brillbeck said the number of teens at the home that night is under investigation.

KFOR asked Brillbeck if the beer cans and alcohol bottles were from beverages consumed that night. He said it’s under investigation.

On the afternoon of June 16, the homeowner contacted the Sheriff’s Office and asked that a marijuana “roach” be collected from his backyard.

An official traveled to the home and the homeowner showed him a small cigarette with a burnt substance inside that smelled like burnt marijuana. The homeowner told the official he was outside his home when he saw it in the grass, according to the report.

Several people are hoping for a full explanation as to what led to Amuda’s death. An Instagram page called “justice.for.toyin.amuda’ has over 1950 followers as of Thursday afternoon.

Brillbeck is asking patience as the investigation proceeds.

“I understand the community’s frustration, but it’s important for our investigators to make sure this is done properly,” Brillbeck said. “His family deserves answers, the community deserves answers; we have to make sure we do this properly. Only we can do the investigation. We’re still gathering evidence. We’re still gathering information. We don’t want to put anything out before we know it’s 100 percent factual.””

Amuda’s family has hired an attorney, but the attorney declined to comment at this time.