OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A memorial continues to grow at the scene where Oklahoma City Police said a metro father killed his three young children then turned the gun on himself.

An iron cross, flowers, balloons, candles, and stuffed animals are placed along the neighborhood street, near Hefner and Council, where the children died. Three Care Bears were placed at the memorial, one for each child.

Three care bears at a memorial for three children killed by their father

“All I can think about is the mom. What she must be going through,” said Amber, who left a card with words of encouragement for the mother of the children.

“Like, I put ‘so sorry for your loss,’” said Terri, who also left a card. “’This neighborhood is praying and thinking about you.’”

Terri and Amber are continuing to learn new details about the horrific scene that unfolded on their street early Saturday morning.

At 4:14 a.m., Oklahoma City Police said they got a call from a family member, alerting officers about a disturbing video the children’s father, Francoise Littlejohn, posted online.

“He was live broadcasting, making threats about harming himself and harming children,” said M.Sgt. Gary Knight with OKCPD. “We had lots of officers flooding the streets. We were in the process of issuing an Amber Alert.”

What officers didn’t know, down the street from the Littlejohn household, the 29-year-old father had already done the unthinkable.

“He executed the three children he had in the car, his own children, and then turned the gun on himself,” said M.Sgt. Knight.

A few hours later, a woman told KFOR she was walking her dogs when she discovered Littlejohn in the car, not knowing about the kids in the backseat. She ran to the nearest house to call 911. She was too emotional to show her face on camera.  

“I don’t want to sound gruesome, but I saw blood on the ground under the car,” she said. “I haven’t seen cops act like that, but they were pretty dramatic and affected. That’s how me and the neighbor who had called [police], that’s how we started to get an idea that there was more than just a man who had shot himself.”

Officers said they found Trinity, 3, Aliyah, 4, and Kyren, 6, dead in the car.

Police said the motive is still unclear.

“This man had nothing in his criminal past that would indicate that he was going to go out and murder three people and then kill himself,” said Knight.

OKCPD said they recently responded to a possible domestic disturbance at the Littlejohn’s house, after someone heard yelling.

“At that point, there was really no cooperating person. So there was really nothing that could be done. Nobody was willing to report anything criminal happening,” said Knight.

 Officers also said the children’s mother was not at home at the time.