OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma man has been in constant pain for four weeks now with an unknown medical condition that doctors at Mercy Hospital can’t figure out. The family is hoping someone who comes across this story may know what’s wrong.  

We do want to warn, the video and pictures of his condition may be graphic to some viewers. 

The family of Rick Evans told KFOR his condition has gained a lot of attention at Mercy Hospital. They said every specialist there has looked at him. He’s been through surgery and testing but still no answers.  

Man with unknown medical condition
Rick Evans. Image courtesy Jackie Evans.

“It’s hard to see him in pain. One of our daughters couldn’t even stay in the house and watch him in pain,” said his wife, Jackie Evans.  

Evans has recently been spending his days at Mercy Hospital.  

“It started out as an intense pain in the arm and then within four or five days it started swelling and turned red and just continued to grow… and by the next day had already doubled in size… It’s a severe ache that throbs at the same time and then at times just got like burning sensation, just fire shooting through it. It’s just not very pleasant,” said Evans.

Evans said pain in his right arm has caused it to puff up and then eventually pop with fluids now sitting inside his arm. He’s had surgery to remove it, but the fluid comes back and it continues to leak. He said the pain is extreme, even after surgery. 

“It has moved into the wrist and the swelling has moved down. And the pain is back into the wrist also,” said Evans.  

Only to make matters worse, he’s starting to feel the same pain in his left leg.  

“They’ve run every test… Nobody’s ever seen it,” said Jackie Evans.  

A pile of records has been accumulated in the last two weeks. There’s around 1,000 pages of medical testing. 

Evans’ wife told KFOR doctors told them they’ve spent just under $1 million in testing.  

“Trying to find answers, or someone that’s been through it, or going through it or has seen it is what’s important right now because, you know, we need to get help for him,” said Jackie Evans.  

Evans works in the oil field. So, time off work for the couple is just another financial stress the family is enduring, along with the extremely high medical bills.

“That is very tough because he wants me to go to work so we can try to keep everything under control financially. But my view is I don’t want to leave my husband because if something happens, I need to be here,” said Jackie Evans.  

Rick Evans remains at Mercy hospital Thursday. Next steps include possibly sending him to the Mayo Clinic and they’re also looking into other research facilities.  

There’s also been a GoFundMe page created if you’re interested in helping the family. 

Mercy Hospital told KFOR quote, “Mercy’s care team has worked diligently to care for Mr. Evans to find a correct diagnosis and care plan. His physicians have researched and consulted with many specialists and colleagues across the country. Our prayers are with the Evans family as they continue to search for answers.”