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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – COVID-19 has overwhelmed healthcare workers and led to job loss for many in other fields, but one hospital system is offering a temporary solution to some of those problems. 

Mercy Hospitals is hiring short-term support jobs in both clinical and non-clinical roles at a time when relief is desperately needed. 

“We have disasters here in our community every now and again and they’re really short-lived and this one is really more of a long-term disaster that we’re dealing with,” said Emily Eriksson, Executive Director of Nursing at Mercy.

Eriksson says caregivers really need to bedside with their patients so they’re hiring temporary clinical and non-clinical staff.  

“They’re going through a lot right now and so the more hands we have available to get them what we need for our patients the better it will be for all of us – for our patients and our coworkers,” she said.

Non-clinical roles can be everything from running and managing supplies to answering phones and communicating with patients’ families.  

As for clinical roles, they say it is hard to find those with medical experience to hire right now.  

“So we’re really focused on maybe nursing school students that maybe they’re off for winter break and maybe they want to work through that time,” said Eriksson.

In the meantime, they are begging everyone to help slow the spread of COVID-19.  

“Just mask up and follow those precautions so we can all get through this together,” said Eriksson. 

Mercy is hiring for multiple locations.

Go to Mercy’s website to find out more.