OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – Troubles at a multi-level apartment building continue, as it has gone nearly two weeks without working elevators. 

“I’m looking for something more than frustrating… It’s been actually daunting,” said Steven Slomkowski, a tenant. “It’s like, how long is this going to go on?”

The elevators at the Tiffany Retro Apartments broke on New Year’s Day, according to Oklahoma City’s Development Services Department. This has left taking the stairs as the only option for tenants who live in the building to get to and from their apartment. 

The building is located near Northwest Expressway and May Ave. 

Reina Rhodes told KFOR that it’s especially been challenging for her climbing up to her place on the 11th floor. 

“I have arthritis in my spine and I have some nerve damage throughout my body and some issues with my knee. That’s mainly what the cane has been helping me with,” said Rhodes. 

It’s a trek she says she has to make at least three times a day to let her dog Steven out. 

“You dread it,” said Rhodes. “Like, you wake up knowing you have no other choice.” 

Last week, we reported that Oklahoma City issued a Notice of Violation to the building. 

“It is a building code requirement when you have a multi-story building,” said Mike Miller, the city’s Inspection Services Superintendent. “We could issue a fine immediately, but we try to work with everyone. It’s better to get compliance or cooperation any time we can. In this case here, the owners were very willing and able and trying to make these corrections.” 

On Thursday, we talked with the owner of the building, Glenn Ferguson, on the phone. 

He explained that the company who installed their elevators does not keep the part they need to fix them in stock. So, their only option was to send out the damaged parts for repair. 

“We’ve sent those back to OTIS in Connecticut and they are currently attempting to rebuild those damaged drives then get them back to us,” said Ferguson. “We’re trying everything humanly possible to get this resolved as quickly as possible.”

Unfortunately, he said he did not have a timeline for when he expects the repair to be complete. 

Ferguson also added that once the elevators are fixed, the building plans to look at how they can help out tenants with the expenses they’ve incurred throughout this ordeal.