OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A metro fifth-grader was honored at his school Monday morning after his writing was featured on the national stage.

Recently, he found his writing in books on shelves across the country after winning a contest.

Logan King, a student at Deer Creek schools, said he wrote his story for the contest, but didn’t necessarily think he would win. Little did he know though that his story would be published in a New York Times best-selling book.

“My story is published in a book, and that’s a big deal,” King said.

Make no mistake about it, Logan King loves to write.

“It’s fun to just be creative and take your thoughts and then put it into something that people can read,” he said.

He loves it so much that he entered a contest started by New York Times best-selling author Adam Rubin. Kids from around the country write creative stories and send them to Rubin. He said he reads them and, in this case, picked some to go into his book titled “The Ice Cream Machine.”

“When I first wrote it, I’m like, I’m probably not going to win,” King said. “It’s like I don’t even care if I win. I don’t even care if I get a prize.”

“I’m not trying to create a homework assignment for all these kids. I just want to give them an outlet,” Rubin said. “If they want to share their imagination with me, then I’m here for that.”

King’s story called “The One Where Robots Go Haywire” about a kid and his robotic companion won.

“There’s just a sense of humor and a perspective in it,” Rubin said.

It’s one of six stories in the book.

On Monday morning, King was cheered on in front of all his classmates in an assembly and got to meet Rubin as well. Rubin said he hopes this contest can continue to inspire young writers like King and beyond.

“You take the most excited you’ve ever felt in your life and then multiply it by five,” King said. “So exciting.”

“My hope is that when other kids read Logan’s story in the new paperback version of The Ice Cream Machine, that then they become inspired and the whole thing kind of spirals outward,” Rubin said.

The book with King’s story and many more by Rubin, including his newest book “The Human Kaboom,” can be found here.