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EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – A $6 car wash in Edmond is now costing a customer $2,549 in repairs and he still has not heard back from the company a week after the incident.

“Not a good use of my time or money that day,” unsatisfied Richard Schultz told KFOR.

Schultz said he paid for a basic car wash at The Wash Factory on 33rd and Broadway on April 8.

“All of a sudden, the truck starts jerking in the car wash and I started honking my horn, and the car stopped moving,” explained Schultz.

Workers rushed into the washing area to help him.

“One of them reaches over on the ground and lifts up my running board,” he said. “[The manager] came over to help me and said, ‘We put the wrong code in and our wheel washing part of the wash came out and intended to wash your wheels,’ which wasn’t something I paid for.”

The machine grabbed and ripped the running board off of his 2015 Ford Expedition.

“You can see, that’s steel. That’s not aluminum. It’s not plastic, it’s steel,” he said while showing KFOR the damage to his driver’s side. “It’s hooked on by two huge steel clamps and both of them are just broken off on the underside of the truck.”

A local mechanic quoted the repair would cost Schultz $2,549.69.

“This isn’t going to be a cheap fix.”

After an hour of filling out forms, the manager said Schultz would hear from them in 24-hours.

A week later, Schultz said he heard nothing. He decided to take matters into his own hands.

Schultz did his research and sent a letter to the two presidents of the company that owned The Wash Factory, providing multiple documents.

KFOR and Schultz dialed the car wash’s number together to find out more information and were told a manager would get back to us.

The manager on the phone with Schultz and KFOR informed us the car wash was being taken over by another group. When KFOR arrived, it appeared workers were in the middle of changing the sign.

A few hours later, Schultz said he called the business on his own and did not receive an answer.

KFOR also called the car wash to ask for a statement.

“Nope. We’ve been advised we are not giving any statements to you people,” said the employee over the phone before hanging up.

In the meantime, Schultz said he will not stop until he is reimbursed.

“These guys got to respond to the customer,” said Schultz.