OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Metro truck driving students have been left high and dry after a SW OKC driving school shuts its doors. 

“He quit on everybody. He got the money and quit on everybody,” Mario Reyes told us. 

Reyes spent $5,000 at CDL University to train at the school and was only one day away from taking his commercial drivers test.

“I wanna know what happened with my money. I wanna know how I can finish my CDL license. I want answers!”   

Mario and other students showed up at CDL on Monday and found a note on the door saying it was closed permanently. 

Note on door of CDL University. Image KFOR.

“Some of us only need a couple of hours left to finish our testing,” said Emitt Wilk, another student at CDL University. “Some people were suppose to test tomorrow. I was supposed to test Thursday.  It sucks. You come in here and devote this much time and effort and it’s stripped away from you.” 

Students like Emitt and Mario need their paperwork from CDL University showing what they have completed.

We have reached out to the company through several different numbers. We have not been able to reach anyone. We will keep trying.