OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A metro woman is searching for a place to go after she claimed she and her four kids were kicked out of a shelter.   

“You’re supposed to help, and you’re not,” said Collen Bradford. “You just kick us out on the curb.”

Coleen Bradford left her home with her four children, two service dogs, and her mother late Saturday night.

She told KFOR she was fleeing from a domestic violence situation and had nowhere to go. Bradford and her family ended up at the City Rescue Mission in Oklahoma City. 

“I went there to try to get help,” said Bradford. “I get in there; they give us sheets against blankets.” 

On Monday, Bradford said she woke up to complete the intake process. She left her kids, mom, and dogs inside the room. But it turns out, she violated the Rescue Mission’s policy.

“I understand that, I do. I know it’s a shelter, but my mom is upstairs with my kids. They’re sleeping,” said Bradford. 

According to the City Rescue Mission’s handbook, children must always be with their parents. 

Bradford stated she tried to explain her children were with her mother, but she was told to pack up her things and leave.

“[They] didn’t give me [any] time,” said Bradford. “[They] gave me 5 minutes to get my stuff.” 

However, Skylar Parker with the City Rescue Mission told KFOR that’s not what occurred. 

“We do ask that our clients stay with their children for the safety of the children and the service dogs at all times,” said Parker. “And unfortunately, she didn’t want to do that.”

Parker told KFOR employees stated Bradford’s two service dogs became violent and aggressive with staff members.

But even then, the Rescue Mission said it was Bradford’s choice to leave because she did not want to follow the rules.

“She chose to leave on her own and never completed or finished our intake process,” said Parker. “We really never kicked her out.”

President/CEO Erin Goodin with the City Rescue Mission also released the following statement:  

“City Rescue Mission policies are designed to protect our clients, especially children. The children’s legal guardian must be with the children at all times while on property. Also, owners of service animals must remain with the service animal and be in control of the animal at all times. The service animal cannot show any signs of physical aggression, such as growling. Clients can choose to leave if they disagree with our policies. Ms. Bradford decided to leave City Rescue Mission before engaging in services. Ms. Bradford and her children are welcome and encouraged to return to City Rescue Mission if they choose.” 

President/CEO Erin Goodin

Bradford said she’s in the process of finding somewhere else to go.