OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A metro woman was left to pay a near $1,000 bill to fix her car and she claims the whole situation was caused by bad gas at a metro convenience store.

When she went to get it looked at, she said technicians told her they needed to work on her engine after what they found in her gas tank.

“I’ve never had any problems with my car before,” Brittany Gray said.

That was until Gray said she stopped to fill up at a 7-Eleven near Memorial and Kelley about two weeks ago, before hopping on the turnpike.

“My car just started like, like it wouldn’t accelerate,” Gray said. “It went into a limp mode.”

This forced her to pull over in her 2018 Mazda and wait.

“My son and I were sitting there for a couple of hours before my dad was able to come and get us,” she said.

The next day, she took it to a dealership to get looked at.

“To get it out of limp mode, I had to keep turning it on and off,” she said.

Gray said it took her two and a half hours to get it there. When technicians took it in, they drained her gas tank.

“They were like oh, well it’s 50 percent ethanol, that’s what’s wrong with it,” she said. “They said it was some parts that it had tried to eat away at because it was so much ethanol.”

One of them sent her this picture showing the gasoline and ethanol differential. They also handed her a near $1,000 invoice that included some engine part repairs, removal of the bad gas and change of spark plugs.

“That was not my fault,” she said. “All I did was stop and get gas.”

Gray said she kept reaching out to the store but wasn’t getting any answers.

KFOR got a hold of 7-Eleven who sent us a statement:

“We received reports of tainted gas at 1391 E. Memorial Road in Oklahoma City and are currently investigating this matter further. Customers who believe their car was impacted may call 1-800-255-0711.”

7-Eleven, Inc.

Gray said she just wants that thousand bucks back.

“I have three jobs,” she said. “So I have to have a car to be able to get to my jobs. If I didn’t have that money to be able to get it out of the shop, then it would’ve been really bad.”