OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — A metro woman is wanting answers Friday after she caught a mailman on camera allegedly pepper spraying her dogs. She said her dog was behind a fence, in her backyard and wasn’t a threat. She gave us video to prove that.

It was just minutes after the incident happened that Warr Acres homeowner Kaysie Ribelin saw the security camera video from her phone. She sat at work as she watched a mailman pepper spray her dogs over a fence in the backyard and she couldn’t believe it.

Mail carrier sprays dog.
Mail carrier sprays dog. Image courtesy K. J. Ribelin.

“There’s a step beyond rage and that’s where I was,” Ribelin said.

The incident happened Thursday while she wasn’t home. Ribelin added that it makes it more interesting that she never even got any mail that day. Ring Doorbell video from the front of her home shows the mailman walking by her porch where her mailbox is. Camera’s on the side of her home then catch the mailman going straight to the backyard fence.

“It’s a stockade fence. They’re barking. They’re no threat to him at all,” she said. “He’s in their yard, their territory. They’re going to bark the same way every time.”

She immediately took action and got in contact with the post office that serves her area. She said she eventually confirmed she was talking to the right people.

“They said just, okay, well, he’ll be disciplined,” Ribelin said. “And they said, well, we can’t terminate him based on that.”

She said her dogs are doing fine and were not hit directly in the face by the pepper spray.

“There’s marks on my grass left over,” she said.

The mailman can also be heard making some remarks, but it’s unclear who he was talking to, if anyone at all.

“He did say, ‘yeah, you better run’ and ‘yeah, bro, these dogs know,’” Ribelin said.

Ribelin, now just left wondering who it is and why they did it and wants some answers soon.

“Personally, I would like to see accountability, charges if possible,” Ribelin said. “Because that would be the highest accountability for his actions.”

Ribelin said, at the very least, she would like to hear an apology.

KFOR reached out to the USPS media contact that serves the Oklahoma area. We have received the following:

The Postal Service strives to always provide the best possible service to our valued customers. It is disappointing when, on rare occurrences, we fall short of that goal. Local management was made aware of this video shortly after the customer brought it to their attention and it has been addressed with the Letter Carrier. This is clearly unacceptable behavior and does not reflect the efforts of the thousands of professional, dedicated Letter Carriers in our workforce. We apologize to our valued customer for any inconvenience caused.