YUKON, Okla. (KFOR) – A metro woman said she and her husband thought they found the home of their dreams, but when they toured it, they found grass growing in the master bedroom that immediately made them look elsewhere.

“I was just in such disbelief,” Alexus Baker told KFOR Tuesday.

Getting into the weeds of buying or renting a home can be stressful. For Baker, who toured a Yukon rental property with her husband Saturday, that saying became all too literal.

“We were so shocked,” she said. “We started Facetiming our family and showing them because we were so shocked.”

Baker and her husband are looking for new digs as they start a family. She found the Yukon home and decided to take a tour.

Not long after taking a look, they thought it was the one.

“My husband even mentioned like this this would be my idea of a dream home,” she said.

That was until they got to the master bedroom and saw grass growing from the baseboards and into the room.

“I posted on Nextdoor app, I got over 100 comments,” she said.

From there, it was a deal breaker.

“We were just immediately, ‘no,’” she said.

But home building experts say there’s no need to worry.

“It’s very common in the industry,” said Larry Mattocks, owner of Manchester Elite Homes.

Mattocks has been building homes for well over two decades. He said the problem starts as homebuilders pour a foundation and later on, the slab.

“Those two pieces of concrete have a cold joint between them, and so as the winds blowing it’ll bring in some pollens and some seeds and some dirt and that all settles in that crack,” he said.

With a little moisture from the foundation and the temperature in the house, grass grows.

The good news is that he said it’s an easy fix by either pulling it out with the roots, or pulling the carpet back a little and spraying weed killer where it’s growing.

From there, he said it shouldn’t come back.

“Very simple, nothing to be concerned about,” Mattocks said.

The grass was no longer there as of Tuesday morning. KFOR has been in contact with the company that is renting out the property. That company is out of Georgia.

They told us they have sent this information to their media team and will be getting back with us. We will let you know when they do.