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DEL CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – A Kerr Middle School teacher is back in the classroom after allegedly using the “N-word” during class.

“It was very, like, heartwrenching,” said Eva Hernandez, a student at Kerr Middle School. 

“I don’t know if our bond will be the same,” said Brandi Woodberry, another student.  

The students say their trust in their teacher is now broken after a movie lesson gone wrong.  

“In the movie, somebody was walking by himself. I think it was a white man and she was like that man should be walking with those over there,” said Hernandez.  

“She was like ‘why are they walking with those N-words,’” said Woodberry.  

The incident allegedly happened last Monday while the 8th grade Social Studies teacher was showing the movie, ‘The Alamo.’

Students say she used the racial slur to describe certain people in the movie and then allegedly repeated the phrase several more times.  

“Pretty upset and angry about it because I am an African American student…This is a 74% African American school and you’re saying that in class,” said Woodberry.  

Their parents, along with others, are in disbelief.  

“It’s just not right. It’s just not right at all…I just hate for my kids to go through this,” said Ntokei Dockins, a parent at Kerr Middle School. 

Mid-Del Schools giving News Four this statement:

“Last week, an educator at Kerr Middle School used a racial slur during a class. The comment was not directed towards any student at the school, however, the statement was made in front of the class. The teacher was immediately placed on administrative leave pending the district’s investigation.” 

Students say Monday, one week later, she was back in the classroom after giving an apology. 

“It was a mistake, it is just a word but honestly, it is a racial slur…I really don’t feel like she understood how drastic the situation was,” said Hernandez.  

Even so, the students say her words still sting.  

“I had trouble going in there today. I really did not want to go in there. I didn’t want to hear her apology because I didn’t think it would be sincere,” said Woodberry.