MIDWEST, Okla. (KFOR) – A Midwest City man is feuding with a custom cars shop over a paint job. He told KFOR after five months of little progress he asked for a refund, but the shop owner has stopped communications with him.

Frank Vazquez was looking to spruce up his lime green 1971 Pontiac Grand Prix. 

Photo courtesy of Frank Vazquez

In July, he took it to Twisted City Customs at 21979 N. Macarthur Ave. in Blanchard. The deal made for a paint job was to pay $2,000 upfront, $1,000 in August, and another $2,000 at the end of the job in September.

Vazquez paid the upfront amount.

“So we’re in the middle of the month of August, he didn’t forget,” Vazquez explained. “He called me about $1,000. ‘Oh, I need supplies.’ OK, no problem. Met him down at the casino, gave him $1,000. He sent me a receipt and I was good.”

Vazquez said with $3,000 now invested, he was frustrated with the lack of progress.

“Now we’re almost in December. The car is still the same, hadn’t done nothing to it, just sitting there,” he said. “Every time I called him, there was always, it’s a wedding or it’s her birthday or it’s our anniversary, or she’s sick or he’s sick. Nothing was getting done.”

Vazquez showed KFOR a text exchange from November 28 with Twisted City’s owner releasing him as a client.

“I am releasing you as a client due to lack of boundaries, threats, calling all hours including weekends after I set the same boundaries over and over,” the text said. “You have been trying to control the whole process, nobody promised an exact completion date. I have more than just you as a client and I’ve still updated you more than I should of had to… I’m sick right now and told you that, an update that I didn’t need to share. I’m not going to deal with someone like you.”

Vazquez then requested his car back, feeling no remorse for his actions.

“You got my car and my money. Yes, I do want updates and pictures,” he told KFOR. “So, I could have history on the progress of the car.”

While he got his car back, no money was returned.

When KFOR texted the owner ourselves, on Wednesday, he told us his contracts state no refunds.

But Vazquez says he never signed a contract and was never told no refunds. He believes he at least deserves money back for unpurchased supplies.

“$1,500 apiece for him and me, I think it would be just fine,” Vazquez said. “I don’t want the whole $3,000 because he did work on it, but I don’t want to be robbed either.”

When we asked specifically about a refund for parts, we got no response from the owner. Vazquez said he’s prepared to take legal action if he doesn’t hear from Twisted City about a refund soon.