MINCO, Okla. (KFOR) – The town of Minco is without half their police force after city council members voted to cut the departmen’t budget in half.

In turn, the now former Minco Police Chief Josh Fletcher turned in his resignation Monday night, along with two full time officers and one part time officer, according to The Minco Millennium.

The publication recently reported on Minco Police Department budgets from 2017 – present, detailing the departments steady increase in previoius years, before the dramatic drop, beginning July

Their exits leave just three full time police officers.

In a Facebook post with his resignation letter, Fletcher cited harassment and hostile working environment, while saying the massive cuts will cause the remaining officers to be “overworked, undertrained and poorly equipped”.

Video of Monday night’s meeting was provided by Kelly Rupp, Publisher, The Minco Millenium.