TULSA, Okla. (KFOR) — A Tulsa Elementary school has been targeted twice in less than two days with bomb threats because of a librarian’s TikTok video.

“We placed a bomb in Ellen Ochoa Elementary.”

An email on Tuesday at 5:52 a.m. read.

The email comes from a sender disguised as ‘Made John.’

“The innocence of children is sacred, that is a fact that has been known for the entirety of human history and the end of civilizations such as in ancient Rome are often marked by normalization pedophilia and child abuse. I’m not going to stand by as you b******s continue to indoctrinate and prey upon our children. This is why we placed a bomb in the school. You will evacuate the building so nobody dies,” said ‘Made John.’

The email also called out Ellen Ochoa Elementary librarian Kirby Mackenzie and said her house would be “blown up” as well.

Captain Richard Muelenberg IV with the Tulsa Police Department told KFOR the elementary school had a delayed start to their day because of the bomb threat.

“We’ve got bomb sniffing dogs, everything else. We lock it down. We’re going to do everything we can to make sure that area is safe because the biggest thing is these children. You got to protect your kids. More often than not, you know, this is just some person looking for attention. They want to disrupt a system,” said Captain Muelenberg IV.

No credible threat was found on Tuesday, according to Captain Muelenberg IV.

Another threat was sent on Wednesday.

“Evacuate Ellen Ochoa Elementary.”

An email on Wednesday at 8:44 a.m. read.

This email came from a sender disguised as ‘Yesyy.’

“We placed a bomb at Ellen Ochoa Elementary,” said ‘Yessy.’ “You will stop pushing this woke ideology or we will bomb every school in the union district.”

Again, Mackenzie was singled out and the email said a bomb was placed inside her home as well.

“It’s become kind of a cry wolf situation now,” said Captain Muelenberg IV. “The bottom line is this is not allowable. It’s not something that’s acceptable in society. You know, you’re basically threatening the lives of innocent children who have nothing to do with whatever your problem is. That is not going to be okay and we are going to prosecute and we are going to find this person and will put them in jail.”

The school was put into a shelter-in-place mode until it was safe to continue classes which wasn’t long, according to Union Public Schools Chief Communications Officer Chris Payne.

Payne confirmed the two threats were a direct result of a video Mackenzie posted to Tik Tok days earlier.

The video Mackenzie posted shows her in a library with words over the video reading, “POV: teachers in your state are dropping like flies but you are still just not quite finished pushing your woke agenda at the public school.”

Her video has 51.9k views as of Wednesday night.

A conservative platform on X by the name of ‘Libs of TikTok’ re-posted her video on Monday. The profile has more than two million followers.

The video portion of Mackenzie’s post was uploaded to X as well as what appears to be some sort of biography for Mackenzie.

The underlined portion of the biography states Mackenzie is “teaching with an emphasis on social justice.” This biography was not part of Mackenzie’s original video.

Additionally, the caption to Mackenzie’s video was omitted from the re-post.

“My radical liberal agenda is teaching kids to love books and be kind hbu?? I think I’m going to make one of these every year until I die or end my teaching era #teachersoftiktok #schoollibrarian #liberalagenda #scandal #okpolitics.”

Kirby Mackenzie’s caption on Tik Tok reads.

“That was kind of misconstrued,” said Payne. “There’s no evil agenda. There’s none of that. Just very misconstrued.”

However, State Superintendent Ryan Walters re-posted the altered version with a message of his own on Tuesday.

“Democrats say it doesn’t exist. The liberal media denies the issue. Even some Republicans hide from it. Woke ideology is real and I am here to stop it,” stated Supt. Walters.

News 4 reached out to Supt. Walters on Wednesday for an interview, but never heard back.

“Any threat is a little scary. And, of course, you have to treat all of these as if they are real, which we do. We can’t afford to take chances and it’s very unsettling to staff and students and parents. I mean, our job is to, you know, have a great day at school and educate students. It’s hard to do that with the disruptions that occur with an event like this,” said Payne.

He said some parents picked up their children early from school because of the bomb threats.

Payne said it’s disheartening to see the attack on the school as well as Mackenzie.

“She is one of our long time librarians, highly respected, has done a lot of really good work at Union. We stand behind Kirby. She is a terrific employee,” said Payne.

Payne told KFOR Mackenzie was doing fairly well despite the personally targeted bomb threats.

Mackenzie was at school on Wednesday.

Tulsa Police are now investigating and the Union school district has taken a back seat.

“So Tulsa, much like Oklahoma City, has a robust investigative unit. We’ve got specialists in our investigative unit that work with, you know, federal agencies not knowing where he is or whomever. Statistically speaking, it’s probably a male, but not knowing where this person is. You know, our jurisdiction just doesn’t stop at the Tulsa City limits. We have lots of partners with ATF, FBI,” stated Captain Muelenberg IV. “We’re going to find this person and we’re going to come wherever, whatever little tent you’re in right now, you know, sending your emails from. We’re going to come and find you. We’re going to arrest you.”

He said anything done online leaves some kind of footprint so that’s where law enforcement will begin.

“We work with cyber crimes. We work with our partnering agencies like the FBI. We’re going to find you. I mean, an email originated from someplace. You had to get on a computer or phone and create an account, send that email. Even if you use a fake the name to make the account. It just takes time. And, you know, eventually we’ll figure it out,” added Captain Muelenberg IV.

Captain Muelenberg IV explained the charges and penalties vary in a case like this, but he said it wouldn’t be a slap on the wrist.

Payne said he wants Union families to know they care about keeping all students and faculty safe.

“We’re here to educate your students. There’s no, you know, bad, nefarious agenda. That’s not what we’re about. We just want to do the right thing by students and make sure that we’re giving them the learning opportunities they need,” stated Payne.

Captain Muelenberg IV told KFOR the Tulsa Police Department will have a heavier presence patroling in that area.

On August 25, Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell released a statement on X, formerly Twitter, about threats to Union Public Schools.

Screen shot of Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell’s statement on X, formerly Twitter, concerning threats against Tulsa Public Schools