OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City Police officer is out of the hospital more than a week after she was viciously attacked while on the job. Now, Sergeant Morgan Reynolds’ mother is opening up to KFOR about the frightening ordeal.  

Sgt. Reynolds was brutally beaten while responding to a 911 call on April 27. She is now at home healing, but has a long recovery ahead.

Sgt. Reynolds’ mom said her daughter’s teeth, jaw and nose were broken along with several other bones in her face. She will have her jaw wired shut for the next six weeks and has to eat through a straw right now.  

“Every single night that she leaves, you get that gut wrenching feeling that you may not see her alive again, and you dread that phone call,” said Shelly Reynolds, mother of OKC police officer severely beaten. 

For Shelly Reynolds, that dreaded call came the morning of April 27th. Her daughter, Sergeant Morgan Reynolds was beaten unconscious while responding to a domestic call.  

A parents worst nightmare coming true.  

“She was already unconscious. He was trying to kill her,” said Reynolds.  

The accused attacker, DeAngelo Wright remains locked up on a $10 million bond. 

Sergeant Reynolds’ family is still shaken up and now hoping justice will be served.  

“Hopefully he’ll be buried. That’s what I hope he needs to be buried… He was an animal. He’s an animal. He shouldn’t have been on the street,” said Reynolds. 

Court records show Wright served time for charges including domestic abuse and had warrants out for kidnapping and aggravated assault and battery.  

“This guy was let out of jail… before he did this to my daughter. So, he’s a woman beater,” said Reynolds. 

Sergeant Reynolds’ mom now wants stricter laws against violent criminals who are let out on bond.  

“I think judges and defense attorneys need to have an idea of what is out there on the street… You need to come on ride-alongs and see what these people deal with every day. These aren’t normal human beings… We need people to we need people to intervene and we need our laws changed,” said Reynolds.  

Sergeant Reynolds comes from a law enforcement family and followed in her father’s footsteps. She loves hunting and fishing.

Her mother hopes she can get back to the things she loves soon. 

“Her father is law enforcement and has been all his life. She followed in Daddy’s footsteps and she loves helping the community. She’s a good girl. She’s so sweet, very kind. And giving everybody that knows Morgan loves her, Loves her. She’s so fun. She’s just the normal hometown girl from Tuttle, Oklahoma, and just she’s fantastic,” said Reynolds.  

The family is thankful for all of the support from those in Oklahoma and across the country. 

“It’s been really difficult on everyone and her blue family has been so supportive,” said Reynolds.

Sergeant Reynolds is nowhere near done recovering. She will have an additional surgery once they remove the wire in her jaw.  

Shelly also tells us Sergeant Reynolds plans to continue serving as a police officer here in Oklahoma City once she is fully healed.