OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Moms for Liberty Oklahoma chapter is requesting a change of book fair vendors because of “radical viewpoints and sexual ideologies” being pushed in reading material.

In a Moms for Liberty Oklahoma press release from Friday the group said, “It has become undeniable that a regularly occurring conduit for inappropriate books into schools across Oklahoma is through Scholastic, particularly through their book fairs.”

The parent led advocacy group claims several Scholastic books violate Oklahoma law.

“Scholastic, a once trusted company that happens to be one of the top publishers of children’s books, now appears largely focused on indoctrinating youth with radical viewpoints and sexual ideologies from a very young age at an increasingly rapid rate,” a Moms for Liberty Oklahoma press release reads.

The group said they condemn the current nature of business Scholastic is exhibiting and “look forward to alternative publishers and book fair companies embracing materials dedicated to building academia, character, and morality of our youth while respecting the values and traditions of parents.”

Scholastic has been hosting book fairs in all 50 states for over 40 years. The publisher is also expanding to other countries including Canada, India, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

“Scholastic is committed above all to supporting every child’s journey to learn to read and love to read, in partnership with schools and families,” said a Scholastic spokesperson Monday.

Defense of Democracy Oklahoma Chair, Bailee Tyler told KFOR her initial response to the Moms for Liberty press release was “here we go again.”

Moms for Liberty’s press release explains it’s a parent’s right to visit the library and the book fair to oversee what kids may be exposed to. However, parents are already allowed, and encouraged to visit the Scholastic school book fair, according to the publisher’s website.

“It’s just another thing they come up with to fight and make a fuss and to continue their attack on public education,” said Tyler. “Scholastic book fairs are ran by parents. Typically, parents sit down and pick out the books with their children. What is happening that they’re seeing that we’re not?”

Tyler said she has a 14-month-old son, and while she doesn’t currently have a child in the Oklahoma public education system, she fears what it might look like when her son is old enough to attend school.

“Now that I’m a mother, I really want to fight for his future. As parents, we have the right to determine when our children get to read material like that. Moms for Liberty doesn’t get to decide when everybody else determines the material is appropriate for their children,” stated Tyler.

News 4 reached out to Moms for Liberty early Monday morning for an interview about specific examples of indoctrination.

“I haven’t heard anything back yet so we will be unable to meet your deadline,” said a Moms for Liberty media representative an hour after our deadline.

The Oklahoma State Department of Education Director of Communications, Dan Isett said the agency is investigating.

“Superintendent Walters is always concerned and vigilant about eliminating woke indoctrination in the classroom,” said Isett.

“We can see right through him. This is all for political gain. He doesn’t actually care about public education. He doesn’t care about students.”

Defense of Democracy Oklahoma Chair, Bailee Tyler

Moms for Liberty has also recently requested McGraw Hill not be considered as a math textbook publisher for the state because it incorporates social-emotional learning.

Tyler said Defense of Democracy Oklahoma does not plan on sending OSDE their response to the Moms for Liberty press release.

“Our biggest goal is public awareness. We want family members, community members to know what Moms for Liberty is doing. Our politicians know what they’re doing,” stated Tyler. “They are hurting your public schools and we will continue to get that word out. We are a grassroots movement. We don’t have big donors. Moms for Liberty is funded by big political action committees like the Heritage Foundation. We aren’t funded by anything. We are just ran by the sheer will of parents who are fighting with everything they have to protect public education.”