MOORE, Okla. (KFOR)- Students and staff members at Moore Public Schools are dealing with heartbreak following a devastating crash just before winter break.

On Thursday afternoon, officers with the Oklahoma City Police Department were called to a three-vehicle crash near S.W. 134th and Pennsylvania Ave.

OKCPD Investigators confirmed with KFOR at least 10 people were involved in the accident.

Of those 10, Moore Public Schools said there were six Westmoore High sophomores involved.

Investigators tell KFOR that a group of Westmoore High School students were heading back to school when they were involved in the crash.

Four of those students are still in the hospital as of Friday afternoon.

Three of those names were released in a Moore Public School press release Friday morning.

Those students are Tanner Kilgore, Ireland McCauley, and Kelly Ward.

15-year-old Westmoore High School sophomore, Colby McCarron sadly passed away as a result of the crash.

Debris from Thursday afternoon’s fatal crash. KFOR photo.

“Other families impacted by the accident have requested privacy concerning this matter,” a MPS press release stated.

OKCPD Msgt. Gary Knight said the cause of this accident was speeding.

In the area of the crash, the posted speed limit is 50mph, but Knight said two of the cars involved were traveling at a much higher rate of speed.

“There was a car in front of them actually going the same direction that was stopping to make a left turn. This led to the car in the left lane, not having enough [room] for him to stop, swerved over, struck the vehicle that had the victims in it,” added Knight.

He added it’s unclear at this time if the two vehicles were racing each other.

The driver of the vehicle who made the initial contact with the other two is “not as injured as the other,” according to Knight.

That driver is expected to fully recover.

Just over 24 hours after this crash, the Jaguar community is still trying to reel in the aftermath of it.

Joshua Daughtridge is a Youth Pastor at Southpointe Church in Moore.

He told KFOR one of the crash victims is a youth student with their church.

“It’s interesting when you get a call like that because you’re not preparing yourself like every day that something’s going to happen. But when I did receive that call, it is something that it’s just like, oh, okay, like this is happening,” said Daughtridge.

As soon as he heard the news about his youth student, he said he immediately went to the hospital to be present with the family.

Daughtridge said he and few others showed up with food for the family so they’d have one less thing to worry about it.

He added this tragic accident has miraculously unified their community and members of his church to see what they can do for these families.

Ward’s aunt flew in Friday afternoon to be there for her niece.

She told KFOR she found around 4 p.m. on Thursday.

“I couldn’t think, went into shock and hysteria crying. Especially being eight hours away from my family. My heart broke when I heard a fatality and honestly, we didn’t know if it was her or not. Our hearts are completely broken by the loss of her friend. We are praying hard for all the kids involved. They’re just teenagers trying to live their life and bam, it changes in a millisecond. It’s heartbreaking.”

Ward’s aunt added Ward underwent surgery Friday for her broken pelvis and broken arm.

“She’s been communicating by sign language to her mom, dad, and sister since she’s intubated,” Ward’s aunt stated.

For anyone who doesn’t personally know the victims, Daughtridge said there are two simple, yet impactful ways to help: pray and be present.

“We model the way of Jesus. When Jesus was on the earth, he prayed. Jesus was praying to his Heavenly Father, ‘How much more should we be praying?’ And we see the effects of prayer knowing that man, I’m only a human. There’s only so much I can do and there’s so much within my capacity as a human that I can do,” stated Daughtridge.

Knight said the investigation into this case is in its early stages.

Knight expects this investigation to take weeks as he said investigators are looking at all evidence left on the roadway, the damage to the vehicles, how crushed in the vehicles are to determine the exact speed they were going, and they’ll be downloading the black box from these vehicles to give officials a glimpse at the last five seconds leading up to the crash.

At the conclusion of their investigation, the case will be presented to the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office.

The Oklahoma DA’s Office will determine if any charges are to be filed and if so, what charges are appropriate.

Memorial set up at the scene of Thursday afternoon’s fatal crash. KFOR photo.

If you wish to pay your respects, there is a small memorial set up at the crash site.

The memorial includes a teddy bear and some flowers.

Next to the memorial is a pile of debris from the crash.

There are parts of vehicles, a Westmoore High School 2022-2023 parking pass, and windshield glass.

Just moments before News 4’s 4:30 p.m. show, another three-vehicle pile up happened in the midst of rush hour congestion.

OKC fire department crews showed up within minutes of the crash to check on everyone.

Those involved don’t appear to be injured.

News 4 checked up on one of the drivers in which he said he was okay, just a bit shaken up.

As people passed the accident, they were in shock that it happened 30 feet from where Thursday afternoon’s fatal crash was.