MOORE, Okla. (KFOR) – A Moore family says having a storm shelter was a must, so when they came across a house for sale that already had one built underneath the garage it sealed the deal, but now it’s become more of a headache than a way of safety.

Jerry Maines, 80 and his wife, 75 moved to Moore in 2019.

Maines said he noticed a bulge in the bottom of the storm shelter, so he immediately contacted the company who installed it, Tornado Safe.

According to Maines, a Tornado Safe representative inspected his storm shelter shortly after that, but couldn’t find the culprit of the leak.

“Told me not to be too concerned about it unless it got to be up over 18 inches or something like that,” said Maines.

With each rainfall after that, Maines typically saw six to eight inches of water flood his shelter.

It wasn’t until May 2022 that the flood water rose to 18 inches.

“That’s when the fella came out and looked at it and said he couldn’t do anything,” added Maines.

Maines told KFOR that was the last time he heard from a Tornado Safe representative.

December rolled around and his shelter flooded again, but this time to the brim.

When News 4 stopped by Maines’s home on Wednesday morning, the storm shelter still had puddles of water throughout.

Jerry Maines’s Tornado Safe storm shelter as of Wednesday morning. KFOR photo.

Now that Oklahoma is just a few months away from tornado season, Maines and his wife are concerned about how to protect themselves.

“You need a place to hide, you know, pretty often. It’s something that’s really important to have,” he said. “I pray that the tornado shelter doesn’t have to be full of water, and I guess we’ll probably hop in if we have to, you know, whether it’s got water or not.”

Maines said he never thought this would be an issue since the shelter is under a lifetime warranty.

However, Tornado Safe looks to be shut down.

KFOR stopped by Wednesday afternoon and peaked inside.

The front door had a key pad lock on it and there was nothing but insulation on the inside.

News 4 tried calling the two phone numbers associated with the business, but they were both a dead end.

One of the phone numbers is now affiliated with a North Carolina insurance company who had no clue who Tornado Safe was while the other is disconnected.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Tornado Safe has a rating of a D- with a 57% response rate.

In the last three years, the business has received seven complaints.

The two most recent complaints mention their storm shelter flooding as well as not being able to get in touch with the business.

Another red flag is the business’s website no longer exists either.

The BBB did list two people as Tornado Safe’s owners, Darrin and Kristy Humphrey.

News 4 reached out to both on social media for comment, but haven’t heard back.

“We’re stuck with a hole that we can’t use, so hopefully they do the right thing and replace it,” explained Maines.

In the meantime, those having issues with Tornado Safe storm shelters can file a consumer complaint with the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office by either calling 1-833-681-1895 or emailing