MOORE, Okla. (KFOR) – Caught on camera! The 7-Eleven on Telephone and 4th was seen overcharging a customer over the weekend who says this isn’t the first time they’ve done so.

Theresa Patterson told KFOR she typically gets gas at the 7-Eleven on SW 4th because they offer non-ethanol gas.

Over the last “four to six months,” Patterson said she has noticed her bank statement reflected a different charge for gas than the one she saw at the gas station.

“It’s normally just a few cents over each time, as far as I can tell,” said Patterson.

However, as she was pumping gas on Sunday night, she decided to take a cell phone video of the pump meter to see if it would show an overcharge.

Patterson stopping pumping her gas at an even $45 in the video.

She unclicked the pump trigger and took her hands off the pump nozzle.

Although she wasn’t physically pumping gas anymore, the pump continued to charge her little by little.

“Okay. There’s $45. The hands off. Now look at it. There’s $45.01, $.02,” Patterson said in the video.

She even picks up the pump and shows the camera there’s no gas coming out of the nozzle.

“I’m pulling the gas pump out, the handle out and see if there’s actually any gas coming out and there’s not. I thought, this is crazy,” explained Patterson.

Patterson’s final charge shown in the video is $55.37.

“This is bull crap,” Patterson stated in the video.

She immediately called 7-Eleven’s corporate office and filed a complaint with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

News 4 drove over to the 7-Eleven on Tuesday and asked to speak with a manager to verify Patterson’s claims.

The manager said he couldn’t speak on behalf of the company and suggested we reach out to their corporate office.

“We are aware of this alleged incident at 600 SW 4th in Moore, Oklahoma, and have stopped the sale of gasoline at the pump in question while we investigate this matter further,” 7-Eleven wrote in a statement to KFOR.

Meanwhile, the OCC visited this 7-Eleven in question on Monday afternoon.

According to an OCC Station Inspection Report, a fuel inspector pumped five gallons of gas out.

Prior to pumping though, the “meter started counting” and “continued to count when fueling was finished.”

“Calibration also read more negative than -15 on the calibration can,” the report states.

Although Patterson claims her card was charged the full amount shown in the video, she said 7-Eleven only reimbursed her a dollar.

The OCC report states Patterson was overcharged $.63, according to her original complaint.

The gas station failed the OCC’s inspection because of this and was issued a Notice of Violation on Tuesday.

An Oklahoma Corporation Commission Notice of Violation the 7-Eleven on SW 4th Street received on Tuesday.

Gus pump #14 will also remain out of order until it’s either replaced or repaired.

The OCC will followup with the gas station on December 14.

Customers who believe they were impacted may call 1-800-255-0711.