MOORE, Okla. (KFOR) – A routine traffic stop by a Moore police officer for a broken taillight, among some other things, early Wednesday morning eventually led to a fairly daunting discovery.

“He located one singular semi-automatic pistol, a semi-automatic suppressed rifle and then an assortment of quantities of different bags of marijuana and methamphetamine,” said Lt. Kyle Johnson with the Moore Police Department.

Around 1:20 a.m. Wednesday, a Moore police officer pulled over a pickup truck near a gas station off I-35 in town.

Johnson said the traffic stop was done for some equipment violations, like a broken taillight and a license plate that didn’t appear to belong on the truck.

Close up of the catalytic converter found at a Moore traffic stop
Courtesy: Moore Police Department

But as the officer approached the driver, he noticed something unusual in the bed.

“What looked like a rusted catalytic converter, but he noticed that it had been freshly cut very recently,” Johnson said.

Soon after, the officer realized the three people inside were no strangers to him.

“He actually discovered them to be people he had dealt with in the past, had some previous knowledge that they were involved in catalytic converter thefts,” Johnson said. “Then, also discovered them to have some outstanding warrants.”

After that is when he found the arsenal of drugs and guns.

Table of evidence from traffic stop - catalytic converter, semi-automatic rifle with magazine and bullets, semi-automatic pistol with magazine and bullets, an assortment of quantities of different bags of marijuana and methamphetamine, and a glass pipe
Courtesy: Moore Police Department

Johnson added that catalytic converter thefts are not necessarily new to the city.

“We have seen some here,” he said. “We haven’t seen a large quantity of them, but we have seen some. They do seem to be increasing a little bit.”

Johnson also left a small, but substantial, piece of advice for those in the area.

“Park your cars inside,” he said. “If you have the ability to park in a garage, we would encourage you to do that.”

Johnson said the arrest report is still being written at this time, so they have not released the names of those arrested. We are expecting more information on that in the coming days.